Our Research Agenda is To conduct basic and applied research that will respectively provide new knowledge and integrate research with extension/transfer programs in line with national and Global agenda for Industrial and socio-economic transformation.This is founded on the University’s vision and mission; academic philosophy and research character. Priority is given to research proposals and initiatives that seek to address particular issues/problems that promote socio-economic and industrial transformation of our communities. This way, our research agenda is founded on both national and international aspirations. At National Level, the guiding spirit is Kenya Vision 2030 and the aspirations of the Kenya Government Big Four Agenda (Manufacturing, Housing, Health and Food and Nutrition Security). At International Level, our research priorities are geared towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals as articulated by the United Nations. Accordingly therefore, the University has the following Eight (8) themes that define the research agenda:

  1. Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security;
  2. Health care, Leisure and Tourism Innovation;
  3. Built Environment and Infrastructure Development;
  4. Industrialization: Emerging Technologies, Manufacturing & Agro-processing;
  5. Energy, Water, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability;
  6. Mathematics, Statistics & Data Science; Basic and Applied Sciences;
  7. Education, Language, Culture, Social Equity and Governance;
  8. Business, Entrepreneurial Innovation, SMEs & Marketing.