In the pursuit of our Research Agenda, the University is seeking interested partners, scholars and researchers to develop collaborative research in the following:
                a) Agriculture and Natural Resources

  1. Agricultural technology development: focusing on improving production, productivity, quality and utilization of crops, livestock, fish and natural resources.
  2. Technology adoption and diffusion: focusing on enhancing adoption of technologies, delivery of service and extension.
  3. Marketing and competitiveness: focusing on adopting a value chain approach and improving market access.
  4. Natural resource management: focusing on promotion of sustainable products utilization; rehabilitation, conservation and management; indigenous traditional knowledge; biodiversity and environment management; strengthening environmental governance; and mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

                 b)Manufacturing Sector

  1. Technology development, adaptation, diffusion and adoption;
  2. Development of graduated standards for products;
  3. Provision of affordable, stable and reliable energy; and
  4. Capacity building and development of centers of excellence to raise the industrial knowledge base.

Research priorities in manufacturing in the Big Four Agenda: –

  • Agro-processing research and innovation opportunities in processing and value addition of crops (tea, coffee, nuts, legumes, cereals, fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers), livestock (dairy, meat) and fisheries (marine, fresh water and aqua culture).
  • Textiles and apparel research opportunities in fiber production (cotton, silk and wool); better production methods for textiles and apparel including machinery; trade logistics; and innovative fashion designs and clothing/tailoring industries; equipping the centers of excellence for training and the KIRDI Laboratories in Nairobi and Kisumu.
  • Leather and leather products research an innovation opportunities in the area of management of the quality of hides and skins; leather tanning; finished leather products; fashion designing; tools and equipment for cobblers; machinery for tanning; shoe sales production; marketing and logistics and skills development. In addition, equipping the centers of excellence and common manufacturing facilities for small and medium enterprises.c)Health and Sanitation
  1. Health promotion
  2. Essential health technologies and products
  3. Environmental health
  4. Disease prevention
  5. Early diagnosis and treatment

                      d) Housing and Infrastructure

  1. Material science, technologies and standards (alternative/appropriate/renewable sustainable building materials and technologies)
  2. Service Integrated housing construction Models/Designs using global best practices.
  3. Viable and innovative financing models.
  4. Land use planning and management
  5. Geological research to support housing and infrastructure development
  6. Socio-economic research on housing and infrastructure
  7. Technology incubation
  8. Sustainable urban development
  9. Best practices in Slum upgrading.