Machakos University has an immense capacity for innovation from both its students and staff. This is evident through various innovation projects that haverecently been registered.The University runs programmes to create IP awareness among the university community. For example, recent IP sensitization workshop was delivered by theKenya Intellectual Property Institute ( KIPI)- second quarter of 2018/19 FY is earmarked for a workshop on patent drafting and application for registration of the various forms of IPs that are generated within the University.


The University has developed Products and Services identification marks which will be diversely used by the University’s Income Generating Units as footprint for all products and services that are created by the university and our collaborators.This Identity mark is informed by our institutional philosophy whose sum total is the creation of wealth.



  • Beginning 2017/2018 Financial year, Machakos University allocates funds to support innovation activities by students and members of staff within the University.
  • The purpose of this fund is to offer students and staff opportunities to actualize their innovative ideas and patent their innovations.
  • To be eligible, applicants must be full time student or member of staff at Machakos University.
  • The Call for proposals for 2018/19 financial year is expected to be out by the end of August 2018.

Some of the innovations from the school of Hospitality and Tourism. Displayed are various shapes of cakes that reflect African Culture and designs



The following is a list of somecurrent ongoingprojects,internally funded during 2017/18, that are at different levels of development towards the attainment of registerable status by the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) as Intellectual Properties (IPs):



S/No. Innovation Project IP Development Level
1 Nutritious Ice Cream Prototype
2 Solar Thermal Concentrator Proof of Concept
3 Green Maize Meal Prototype
4 Mobile Biogas Digester Prototype
5 Recycled Plastics Root Trainers Proof of Concept
6 Green Laboratory Chemical Waste Management Prototype
7 Hydrophobic Green Farming Proof of Concept
8 Increment of Eggs Production through Technology Proof of concept
9 Semi-Reusable Sanitary Towels Prototype
10 Fortified Dry Millet Meal Prototype


Sisal Fiber Wearable Technology Prototype




Besides the current innovation activities, the University community has been undertaking other creations in different fields with a view to generating more items of trade through products and services.These activities have seen the university participate in local and international exhibition forums and winning recognition by different authorities and event organizers.


Below is the list of other projects that are being considered for further support and development:






IP Creator


Innovation & Date


Level of Development




IPR Type & Registration Status

1 Galm Halake Tri-Security Intelligent System Prototype Electrical Eng. & Agriculture Utility Model Protected


Maxwell Moya & Anne Njeri Drawing Skill Open Open
3 Ambrose Oyamo Fairgram Social Media Service ICT Copyright

Not Protected

4 Duncan Kimba Book Product Linguistics Copyright

Not Protected

5 Anthony Mugo/Ndolo Dual Purpose Door Prototype Building Technology Utility Model

Not Protected

6 Anthony Mugo/Anthony Ndolo Sunction Hair Clipper Prototype Electrical Engineering Utility Model Not Protected
7 Lawrence Matolo Radio Phone Set Prototype  


Utility Model

Registered and Published

Annuity Pending

8 Geoffrey N. Musyoki (GNM) Music Composition Product ICT & Linguistics Copyright


9 Emmanuel Nyamai Termite Fumigation Prototype Agriculture Utility Model

Not Protected

10 Lawrence Matolo/School of Engineering Sand Packaging Prototype Building Technology Utility Model

Not Protected

11 Lawrence Matolo Multipurpose Seed Based Absorber Prototype Agriculture, Health & Education Patent

Registered and Published but

Protection Lapsed