Graduates are faced with the challenge of high rate of unemployment. The challenge is exacerbated by the lack of practical work experience that is demanded by the job market. The high unemployment level especially among the youth, has led to increased dependency levels, slow economic growth, increasing poverty levels and rising national security challenges that negatively impacts on the realization of the Kenya Vision 2030.

The internship/Attachment/Practicum office aims at enabling students acquire practical workplace experience.
As a national training policy, all students of Machakos University whose training Curriculum requires them to undergo industrial work, experience attachment/s before taking their final examinations. It is recommended that the attachment should be taken in two equal phases but this is just an ideal situation. Even though courses examined by different bodies may not provide for industrial attachment, for effective training, all students now require attachment. The cardinal rule is that students proceeding on attachment must have acquired sufficient skills to make them productive.
The university also gives Internship and Attachment for students from other Universities and institutions of higher learning in their various Departments and offices. Those who meet our requirements are given a Three (3) Month period to serve in the offices assigned to work for.
The Industrial Attachment and Linkages office was established for coordinating University Practicum/ Industrial Attachment Programmes and Linkages. The office assists students and departments in securing opportunities for attachments and in the field supervision of students