GK Prison Visit



On 26th July, 2018, Machakos University and Machakos GK Prison (includes, Machakos Women GK Prison and Machakos Men GK Prison) laid a foundation for collaboration and partnerships in a colourful session presided over by Prof. Peter Mwita (the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Research, Innovation and Linkages) on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lucy Irungu.

Prof. Peter Mwita is saluted by the Officer in-charge of Male Prison Mr. Ali Athman on arrival


Mr.ALI Athmani introduces the Officer-in-Charge of Women Prison to Prof. MwitaMr.ALI Athmani introduces the Officer-in-Charge of Women Prison to Prof. Mwita

Prof. Mwita introduces members of his delegation, Mr. Joel Mulelu and Prof. Henry Embeywa

The staff of both Women and Men Prison follow the proceedings of the day

Mr. Ali Athman, Prof. Peter Mwita and Dr. Wycliffe Amukowa follow the events

In a speech read on her behalf by Prof. Peter Mwita, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lucy Irungu pointed out that it is time to embrace change:


“Things have changed, they will change today and tomorrow, and so we must also change. I recall the days when prisons used to be places of torture and punishment, but today, have changed and they are now correctional facilities. One thing that is always clear is that we must always bend to the direction of change. It is often said that those trees that resist the direction of the wind always find themselves broken, so are people who do not embrace change.”  The Vice-chancellor advised.

Prof. Mwita addresses the prison staff

In his own talk, Prof. Mwita advised the staff to embrace every moment as a learning a moment. Drawing lessons from a fool and a wise person, Prof. Mwita said:

“My advice is that as we pursue these initiatives and without the intention to offend anyone, let us act both as fools and wise people. As you may be aware, a fool learns from his or her own mistakes, while a wise person learns from the mistakes of a fool. The implication is that let each moment in our lives be a learning moment.”


The audience claps and cheers Prof. Mwita as he talks to them






“Our coming together will not be meaningful, if nothing good comes out of it. For this reason, it will be prudent that we pursue activities that promote the interest of our society. These include; skills development in areas of vocational and industrial training, environmental best practices, general capacity building, recreation and leisure.” Prof. Mwita said in his closing remarks