E-Waste Challenge

Solar E-Waste Challenge
Deadline Date – 15-Dec-2019
A program to support innovations in off-grid solar e-waste management.
Off-grid solar technologies provide life-changing access to modern energy services for
people and communities currently living without electricity. The global market for these
products is nascent but growing quickly. In 2017, the off-grid solar sector provided new
or enhanced access to energy for an estimated 73 million households – over 360 million
people – with significant year-over-year growth expected into the future.
E-waste generated by the off-grid solar sector represents less than 0.1% of global e-
waste streams, but investment now will ensure the industry’s growth is sustainable over
the long term and further enhance the sector’s reputation as a leader in environmental
Off-grid industry leaders are exploring potential e-waste management solutions, such as
product repair initiatives and preventative maintenance, but these efforts remain
nascent and under-resourced. The Global LEAP Awards recognizes the role of waste
reduction in the initial product design stage, and seeks to support more sustainable
product design as part of broader efforts to promote sustainable solar e-waste
management across the off-grid sector.