Centre for Renewable Energy is a newly established directorate in the division of Research, Innovation and Linkages tasked with developing alternative energy sources within the University and its environs, develop human capital (training), deepen knowledge (research), and stimulate innovation and enterprise in the field of renewable energy technology.

There are plenty of opportunities in renewable energy research and development activities. This is because the field is relatively new and growing fast. As a result, adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) had been greatly hindered by an absence of technical skills, lack of technical training on energy systems, and poor quality training equipment. The Centre is well positioned to explore these opportunities.

Currently, the Centre is in partnership with a Swedish-based company focused on pilot solar project within Machakos University and training lecturers and students about the flexible Solar PV technologies. The pilot project includes development of Solar PV-demonstration labs for short-time courses, training and research in Solar PV and thin film technologies. As a result, the plans are under way to acquire a DUO R & D machine (a robust 3D printer tool for robust deposition and manufacturing light weight flexible solar panels) for the university. The machine can be used for PV and other thin film research.
The short-course of offer at the Centre includes:
a. Short-time Certificate in Energy Us and Resource Management
b. Short-time Certificate in Renewable Energy Systems
c. Short-time Certificate in Introduction to Solar Energy
d. Short-time Certificate in Wind Energy
e. Short-time Certificate in Renewable Energy Policy
f. Short-time Certificate in Thermal Energy Systems
g. Short-time Certificate in Renewable Energy Finance
h. Short-time Certificate in Biomass Energy
i. Short-time Certificate in Hydro and Ocean Energy
j. Short-time Certificate in Advanced Photovoltaic Systems
k. Short-time Certificate in Energy Storage Storage and Transmission
l. Short-time Certificate Integrated Supply-side Technologies

On behalf of the Centre for Renewable Energy, I wish to join Machakos University family in celebrating our students in our third graduation ceremony We are proud of you and your accomplishments. We’re confident that you will continue with even more successes. Good luck in your next adventures. Congratulations graduate.