Creating new knowledge and Wealth

Machakos University is to provides Scholarly Education through Training, Research and Innovation for Industrial and Socio-Economic Transformation of our Communities. The department contributes to policies regarding research and innovation. Its focus is on profitable growth and increased use of research results and increased innovation activity

Center for Renewable Energy

The Centre for Renewable Energy (CREN) was established in 2018 to implement and stimulate renewable energy projects at Machakos University.


Innovation & IPR Office

Machakos University has an immense capacity for innovation from both its students and staff.


Industrial Attachment & Linkages

At Machakos university we assist in finding industrial attachment and linkages for our students and Graduates


Center for Mining & Applied Geology

The vision to establish the center was envisaged when a Memorandum of Cooperation was deliberated upon and concluded on 26th October 2018 between our Machakos University and China’s Wuhan University of Technology.


Income Generating Units

Machakos University Income Generating Units (MksU-IGUs) are commercial projects charged with the responsibility of generating income for the university


Directorate of Research

Welcome to the Directorate of Research Innovation and Technology (RIT).The purpose of the directorate is to support researchers at Machakos University to conduct innovative and high-quality research