Machakos University underscores the importance of building mutually supporting and beneficial strategic synergies and partnerships that support the University’s Vision, Mission and Strategicobjectives. Accordingly, the University initiates such arrangements with those synergies and partnerships that areconsistent with the laid down priorities designed to enhance fundamental principles that legitimize Machakos University and its corporate image.


Cooperative academic activities with local and international partners are underpinned by effective financial and administrative management procedures and regulated through the development of an instrument of engagement (be it, a memorandum of agreement, a letter of agreement or a letter of intent or other legal instruments), and subject to appropriate quality assurance and risk management and universal arbitration processes.


A Meeting between Machakos University and Shanghai University of Sports, in which the two institutions signed an MoU on Development of Sports




The University has signed MoU and entered into partnerships with the following:






1)Inades Foundation

Academic programs, Seminars/ Workshops /Conferences, Community health related initiatives, Research, Attachment and internship programmes for students, Capacity Building /Training, Institutional Exchange and Scientific Information and Use of Equipment and other Facilities

2) Sapienza University of Rome

Exchange of faculty and staff members, graduate and undergraduate students; Joint implementation of research projects; Exchange of documentation, scientific information and publications;

Development of joint courses and programmes.


3) Konza Technopolis Development Authority

Seminars/Workshops /Conferences, Community Research Initiatives, Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer, Attachment and Internship Programmes for Students of MksU. Capacity Building /Training Institutional Exchange and Scientific Information Use of Equipment and other Facilities

4) Tangaza University College

Development of joint academic programs, joint Seminars/ Workshops /Conferences, Community Research Initiatives, joint research, Attachment, Internship, Exchange staff, Use of Equipment and other Facilities

5) Shanghai University of Sport

Development of joint academic programs, Exchange of staff, Capacity Building, Exchange of scientific equipment as available and required, collaborative research projects.


6) African Mental Health Foundation

Facilitating and enhancing collaborative activities between AMHF and MksU. The collaboration will cover areas of research, training, information dissemination as well as development of joint projects geared towards mutual benefits for both AMHF and MksU


To integrate training, research and production, value addition and technology transfer to stakeholders with the aim of increasing research productivity and academic excellence, for national development.

8)Multimedia University of  Kenya

Research, academic through exchange programme, use of facilities, Grant proposal writing, Attachment /internship, dissemination and Use of Equipment and other Facilities
9)Multimedia University of Kenya Enhancing education, research and academic capabilities through exchange programme

10)Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

Provide practical /Attachment and internship opportunities to our students, conduct analytical work in the area of micro and macroeconomics or statistics including demography.

11)Machakos Agricultural Training Centre

Equip trainees with appropriate technical and professional knowledge, skills and attitudes in both agriculture and education – MOU send to the firm awaiting the date for signing of the MOU

12)University of Helsinki

Enhancing Competencies, Methods and Systems in Kenyan Universities

13)Catholic Relief Services Kenya

Empower the students and the population of youth and women with limited agricultural skills through innovative partnership activities

14) Kenyatta University

Mentorship of Engineering programmes at Machakos University
15) South Eastern Kenya University Usage of sport field and lecture hall and Sharing of staff attachment and research

16) Machakos Level 5 Hospital


Acquire clinical exposure and experience.  – Implemented partly


17) Seeding Labs

Provide certain repurposed, refurbished. and or new laboratory equipment and supplies for research and teaching
18) Comtel Integrators Africa Limited  

Provision of shared platform for digital signage.


19)Kituluni Youth Polytechnic

Support vocational and Allied training programmes
20) Higher Education Loans Board  

Financing students in pursuit of higher education



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