Final Funding Call of the Rising from the Depths Network.

This is the third, and final funding call for the Rising from the Depths Network. The Rising from the Depths network aims to identify and utilize the Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) of Eastern Africa to create tangible benefits in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar.

The network will fund a range of Innovation Research Projects in the region. These are network funded, co-created research projects that aim to identify new opportunities and methods for using and protecting MCH.
We are looking to fund challenge-led, coordinated and multi-disciplinary engagement with Eastern Africa’s extraordinarily rich Marine Cultural Heritage.

We envisage commissioning a diverse programme of MCH orientated research projects across Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Mozambique. To this end, we will consider any project that is relevant to, or deals with MCH in Eastern Africa, as long as they are collaborative, co-produced and challenge-led, producing a clear benefit (economic, social, environmental or cultural) for those living in coastal regions in Eastern Africa.