Administrative, Management and Leadership Profile
Before his appointment as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research, Innovation and Linkages), Prof. Peter N. Mwita was active member of staff, in administration and management of academic affairs, at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

He served as Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences at JKUAT for 4 years.

He served as Chairman of Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences at JKUAT for over 4 years. He has coordinated the running of 6 academic programmes successfully, including being a coordinator of Mathematics programmes (Master and Ph.D. levels) at Pan African University (African Union Initiative).

He was Board Member of the JKUAT Alumni for 4 years. 

Motivated by the need to revamp activities on JKUAT website, in 2013, the University appointed Prof. Mwita as Chairman of JKUAT website management committee. He led the redesigning of the main website and successfully decentralize activities of the website, developed website policy, introduced the spirit of competition among departmental websites that led to continuous improvement by Webometrics ranking, from position 7303 in 2011 to
2624 in 2016.

Nationally, Prof. Mwita was appointed by His Excellence the President of the Republic of Kenya as Chairman (founding) of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) Board of Directors in 2007. He led the restructuring of (former) Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) into a very competitive Semi Autonomous Government Agency with the required capacity to building effective National Statistical System (NSS). This entailed taking the Bureau through the
delinking process and coming up with a new organizational structure and competitively filling positions of Director General, Heads of Directorates, Senior Managers and undertaking suitability interviews for all seconded (former CBS) staff for positions of managers and below. He strengthened internal administrative controls at KNBS by putting in place policies and procedural manuals for Financial Management, Human Resources Management and Development, Procurement and Transport and led the development and launched the first KNBS Strategic Plan (2009 – 2013). Further remarkable achievements include successfully leading KNBS in conducting the National Population and Housing Census in 2009, whose coverage was over 98%. This was the highest rate since independence in 1963. The census campaign won the United Nations public relations Grand award-the first ever in Kenya.

In similar appointment, he has also served as member of Council of Multimedia University of Kenya.