Globalization has resulted in increased mobility, collaboration, improved quality and general revolutionary change in the way universities conduct their businesses including interaction with media. A University is expected to undertake world class research and innovation, provide technology transfer including excellent consultancy, and ensure strategies are put in place for financial sustainability. Towards these, Machakos University Council made a deliberate decision to establish the Division of Research, Innovation and Linkages.

The leadership of Machakos University supports the emergence of viable and sustainable research programs that upscale and maintain a vibrant research culture. Researchers and academic members, including post graduate students are encouraged to undertake multi-disciplinary research and publish in internationally cited and high impact peer reviewed journals as well as contribute to shaping the Kenya’s economy towards vision 2030. To allow for free intellectual inquiry and discourse and hence improving on the relevance and quality of research output, the University promotes research involving intra and inter-institutional and industry collaboration at national and international levels. This strategy will lead to thriving networks for research, innovation and commercialization.
Accordingly, the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Linkages is currently being supported by a Board responsible for various functions related to research, Innovation and Technology activities at machakos University.

The University is committed to putting more efforts to solving national challenges by strengthening research and creating fertile ground for innovation and technology transfer.

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