DEADLINE: February 23, 2020
Applications are open for the 5th African World Heritage Youth Forum, a capacity-building exercise focusing on Youth, Entrepreneurship and Heritage Sustainability in Africa. The Forum places an emphasis on entrepreneurship skills development towards promoting and increasing African youth participation in the stewardship and promotion of World Heritage in Africa in a creative and innovative approach. The forum aims to:
– Empower African youth through training and mentor-ship that will equip them with innovative and evaluation, business management, financial resources mobilization, financial sustainability and innovation, entrepreneurial mindset skills, communication , and networking).
– Mobilise young people and harness youth creativity and innovation in World Heritage conservation and sustainable development efforts in Africa.
– Provide an opportune platform for the creation of networks, exchange of knowledge, sharing of experience and success stories between and among the youth across Africa.
– Raise youth awareness and appreciation of issues and threats facing Africa’s heritage while stimulating their involvement in entrepreneurship activities that could bring direct economic benefits to local communities living in or around World Heritage properties in Africa.
– Gather young people from different backgrounds and encourage them to become responsible guardians and ambassadors of World Heritage across Africa.
– Encourage youth to improve their innovation and creative capacities in developing sustainable initiatives in their countries, which take into account the present-day issues and Aspirations of the African Union Agenda 2063 and the 2030 Sustainable
Development Goals.