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Research, Innovation and Linkages (RIL) is one of the 3 main Divisions of Machakos University, which is headed by a Deputy Vice Chancellor.

Quality Objectives

1. To support researchers and academic staff in keeping abreast with trends in research, sources of financial funding and in enhancing their research capabilities.
2. To facilitate dissemination of research outputs via workshops, conferences and publication.
3. To Promote innovation, extension and technology transfer.
4. To establish linkages with external organizations.
5. To improve University Outreach by undertaking community based projects.

The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor is the main organ of the division. This was formed in 2017, and began operations fully in March 2017. Designated staff support include an administrative assistant and an Office Assistant.

Duties and Responsibility of the office include:

i) Research and Development
ii) Establish University Linkages
iii) Developing Policies and Handbooks
iv) Industrial Attachments/Apprenticeships.

The division of RIL has one directorate namely Research, Innovation and Technology, which is headed by a Director.

Our Departments

Office of the
Deputy Vice Chancellor - Research, Innovation & Linkages

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Board of Research, Innovation and Technology

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